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How to Lose 30 Pounds of Weight in a Very Short Time

Many people still think that Losing weight, tighten the belly and have a slim wait is just a matter of beauty. It is a fact that all those characteristics make many people feel happier with the appearance of their bodies, which is good, But losing weight is not just a question of beauty or proud.

Lemon Water for Weight Loss and Good Health

Lemon water is the first detox water that was invented and its popularity is getting bigger every day on the internet. This water has one specific taste, it is good for losing weight and more importantly, it includes a lot of health benefits. A lot of people discovered that by drinking water you can lose

How to Start Losing Weight in a Hurry

No matter how long you’ve been struggling with your waist size, you’re likely all too familiar with how difficult losing weight can be. It often seems that no amount of exercise or dieting makes any difference. The changes in your appearance or the numbers flashing on the scale each morning are often depressingly minuscule. If

5 Day Apple Diet Plan to Lose 10 Pounds in a Week

Have you heard of the “apple diet”? It’s a low-calorie diet plan that has you eat apples with every meal (lunch, breakfast, and dinner). It’s based on the belief that eating an apple at each meal can make you feel fuller and cause you to eat less. Given that apples are low in calories and

Take This Juice for 7 Days and Forget About Belly Fat – 100% Effective

Excess weight can cause a number of medical problems and according to the latest information from the WHO increase the risk for development of chronic diseases like diabetes and hypertension. The bad news is that more and more people are fighting this problem and face dire consequences. Statistics indicate that over 2 billion people around

Woman Lost 70 Kilos Stop Eating These 4 Foods

Who has not taken a selfie? Most people upload thousands of them to their social networks, it is a fun way to share with loved ones and friends, images of ourselves, we can even observe how we have evolved (aged) year after year. Nowadays many photographs can be retouched to look spectacular, however, reality can