Yogurt diet for weight Lose Upto 4 kg in 4 days!

There are many fast diets but before you try and you need to know that a good diet doesn’t include to starve your body but a simple direction to a healthier and proper eating habit.

With a proper diet, you will improve and fasten your metabolism and reduce the excess kilograms.

Low-fat dairy products have a positive effect on :

  • our body
  • the gut flora
  • absorption toxins
  • digestion of food.

Accumulation of excess food has a negative effect on our metabolism because it is digested longer and more gastric juices.

Dairy products have a positive influence on gut flora and the best is yogurt. This dairy product will change your metabolism.

The proper way to consume yogurt and to lose weight :

  • mix different fresh fruits and vegetables
  • add low-fat yogurt
  • blend.

Avoid :

  • refined sugar
  • artificial sweeteners


  • bananas,
  • apples,
  • strawberries,
  • raspberries,
  • kiwi,
  • oranges,
  • tangerines,
  • peaches,
  • pineapples,
  • grapes,
  • cucumbers,
  • carrots,
  • fresh green paprika
  • and everything else that goes well with yogurt.

To lose weight you need to:

  • eat this for 4 days
  • avoid unhealthy food or cookies
  • drink plenty of water.

You will lose one kg per day.

Then take a break of a week and repeat if you want to lose more weight.