Woman Lost 70 Kilos Stop Eating These 4 Foods

Who has not taken a selfie? Most people upload thousands of them to their social networks, it is a fun way to share with loved ones and friends, images of ourselves, we can even observe how we have evolved (aged) year after year.

Nowadays many photographs can be retouched to look spectacular, however, reality can never be hidden. As is the case of Casey Gemmell, 37, who lives in Perth, Australia, that a simple selfie caused her to motivate her to make important changes in her life.

Woman Lost 70 Kilos Stop Eating These 4 Foods

It all started because she was excited to celebrate her little boy’s birthday with the theme of superheroes, she rented a Bat Girl costume and although she was small, she dressed him with confidence. After the party, the photos were published by Facebook.

Mixed feelings:

When she saw the photographs, she thought that she was not the one posing since the angle was terrible and looked fatal, so she changed her pose and published another photograph, however, she could never achieve what she wanted.

After being sad and dejected to face reality, she decided to make a change in her life and began by working on her weight. Gemmell began to modify 4 surprising habits, managing to lose 70 kilos. As published in Debate, Today and other media.

1. Four foods removed from your menu

Cheese is a product that is obtained from cow’s milk, so it contains in concentrated way nutrients such as calcium, phosphorus, zinc, vitamins, fats and proteins. Excessive consumption and the way in which the body assimilates it is what makes a person fat.

The bread contains 50 to 60 carbohydrates, in fact, a piece does not get fat, however, what causes weight gain is to combine it with butter, jams, chocolate and so on. Even the rich sweet bread has a lot of sugar, so Gemmell decided to eliminate it completely.

Pasta is made with flour and has many carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins, excessive consumption makes it difficult for the body to digest it, causing weight gain.

Soft drinks have a lot of sugar and artificial flavourings, so it is advisable to eliminate them completely. New studies have concluded that diet sodas, despite not having calories, also contribute to fattening as artificial sweeteners are bad for our health, and have also been linked to the onset of type diabetes

2. Exercise

She downloaded the 5KRunner application, to motivate her to exercise and accelerate the fat-burning process. Gemmell said: “The app encouraged me while I was exercising, and it would make me sound to remind me to run or walk. Before I knew it, I had run 5 kilometres without stopping! ”

After four months of running, she enrolled in a gym and began strengthening her muscles with resistance training.

3. Support

Her husband has never left her alone, he accompanies Gemmell to run every day, it is great emotional support. He provides advice and motivates her to exercise and continue with the diet. It is important to always have the family to achieve the objectives and goals easier.

4. Patience

Just as Gemmell sometimes we want to throw in the towel and not continue with the dream of losing weight. However, she realized that the results are gradual and that changes to bad habits must be made one by one, with perseverance and dedication.

Losing weight can be achieved when the person is completely determined, modify bad eating habits, exercise and drink plenty of water, helps meet the expected goals. Remember not to invent diets or download them online, preferably go to a specialist to provide you with a special guide according to your age, weight and physical activity.

Just as Gemmell has managed to lose 70 kilos, she shares her story of struggle and strength to motivate millions of women to achieve their dreams. Currently, she hopes to enter a reconstructive surgery to eliminate excess skin that has caused her to lose weight.