A Simple Chinese Way to Cure All Diseases

Chinese doctors say that when we have no problems with patency of the meridians and channels, then we have no issues with blood circulation and we feel good.

A Simple Chinese Way to Cure All Diseases

We have six channels on hand:

  • The thumb is the channel of the lungs.
  • The index finger is the large intestine.
  • Middle finger is the pericardial canal.
  • Ring finger is a triple heater.
  • The little finger is the channel of the heart.
  • The back of the palms is the back.

A simple way to self-help with problems with the heart and cervical vertebrae:

  • Stretch your arms forward a little.
  • Imagine holding a glass in each hand.
  • And, keeping your hands in this position, begin to rotate inward with both wrists.
  • Make inward movement 150 times – and observe your sensations during rotation.
  • And then the same outward movement, also 150 times


This must be done every day. You will immediately notice relief in the cervical spine, and the shoulders will no longer hurt.

If you do not succeed well or cannot turn your arms at all, this indicates that you have heart problems and problems with the stool. You can still tap quite hard on a point just above the inner bend of the elbow on one and on the other hand (also 150 times). If it hurts you – again, this indicates heart problems. If you sit for a long time and feel that your back is numb, then tap the back of your palms against one another. The back of the palms is connected with the back and relief will come from such tapping.

There are also six meridians on our feet:

  • Three on the outside and three inside of the leg.
  • The middle (side) line on the outside of the leg is the gallbladder channel,
  • the front is the stomach
  • and the back of the leg is the bladder.

Meridians on the inside of the leg:

  • inside (lateral) – the liver,
  • closer to the front of the spleen,
  • and on the back of the leg are the kidneys.


In order to improve blood circulation in the legs, sit with your legs slightly raised and begin to rotate the ankles of both legs first left and then right (also 150 times in one direction and 150 times in the other).

These revolutions with wrists and ankles, which improve blood circulation, you can do in the morning when you woke up, but have not yet got out of bed.