2 Simple Ways to Get Rid of Blackheads in 15 minutes!

Those little black dots, called blackheads, that usually appear on the nose and the chin area. The blackheads are blocked pores that are making the skin less attractive. Besides that, they are also filled with dirt.

There is a great number of natural remedies for this skin condition, and in this article, we will present you one of them. By using it, you will manage to save money and preserve the health and the glow of your skin, another benefit from using a natural remedy for your skin is that you won’t expose your skin to all kind of cosmetic products that contain the various chemical compound.

How to Remove Blackheads:


  • cup of brown or white sugar;
  • essential oil by your choice;
  • 4 tablespoons of jojoba oil;


For starters, mix the jojoba and sugar together, and then add some drops of the essential oil(whatever you chose). Transfer the whole mixture into a small glass jar and put the jar in a cold and dark place, with no direct sunlight in any case. Make sure you apply this mixture on a wet face gently massaging the areas with the blackheads. In order to remove the blackheads, you have to leave the mask on the face for 30 minutes.

In the end, just wash rinse your face with water and put some cream that will moisturize your skin.

Say Goodbye Blackheads in 15 Minutes:


  • 1 small dry gelatin pack (fragrance-free is a must because you don’t want you to use the flavoured variety and end up staining your face)
  • few teaspoons of milk (any fat grade)


By mixing one teaspoon of gelatin (Knox gelatin you can find easily in the baking aisle) with 3 teaspoons of milk, you obtain a homogeneous paste which should be put in microwave for approximately 10 seconds ( if you have to use a stove, use the double boiler methods with a bowl on top of a pan of water), after which mix it, and immediately apply it on the face.

Leave it on the area where the blackheads are predominant for approximately 15 minutes until it dries and tightens up on the skin, and then peel it off. This is a simple and easy solution for getting rid of the unpleasant and unaesthetic blackheads which are no reason for any health issues but are a result of pollution, environmental causes, an unhealthy diet or excess sebum. Use it, and you will see spectacular results.