Rub This All Over Your Face and the Spots Will Disappear In Just 3 Nights

The sun can represent a big problem for our skin, especially for the face, because if it is exposed to sunlight for a long time, it can lead to the appearance of spots in many cases. Nobody seems pleasant the spots on the face that appear because of exposure to the sun or for some other reason, so when we find these spots we do everything possible to eliminate them. However, there is a wide variety of products that promise to eliminate these stains, and although some can be effective, it is important to know that the chemical substances in this type of products only cause serious damage to our health.

Mask made from potatoes that will help you fight the unpleasant spots that may have appeared on your face.

The main ingredient of this natural recipe is an ingredient that we all know and that we consume in many of our foods, this ingredient we always enjoy either cooked or fried but what we might not know is that it serves to improve our appearance and eliminate spots, this ingredient is potato or potato.

In addition to being delicious, potatoes or potatoes are also extremely nutritious and have a high content of carbohydrates and vitamin C. The cosmetic industry also uses a lot especially for products that care for our skin.

Nature helps us with this fantastic vegetable, which is very tasty but also very efficient for improving our skin. Next, we present the method that you must follow to eliminate the stains with the help of the potato.

Eliminates stains naturally with the help of potatoes


  • potato
  • Water

Preparation Mode

What you will have to do is mix the potatoes with a very small amount of water, using a blender until you form a thick and homogeneous paste. What you will have to do next will be to put the mixture in your affected area, massaging the mixture with gentle movements giving a light circular massage. Then you will have to let the mixture act for 10 minutes.

After that time, rinse it with water. We recommend carrying out this process at night

Another way you can use the potatoes is slicing it and applying it directly to the skin, in this case, you have to rub your skin with the potato slices and leave the potato slice on your face for 10 minutes, then rinse.

You will notice very quickly that the spots on your skin will start to disappear and your skin will be much healthier and more beautiful than before.