Losing Weight with the Diet of Onion Soup

This diet is known as the diet of onion soup. However, it is not a diet, in a weight loss plan, but the fat-burning soup is an emergency measure to help purify the body and eliminate all toxins and fluids from the body, reducing weight, between 3 to 8 kilos.

The fat burning soup diet, which has been known for many years, was originally invented by a group of specialists from the Sacred Heart Memorial Hospital in the United States. It was manufactured with the sole purpose of helping patients who had to undergo heart surgery to lose weight quickly, before surgery.

What Is the Basis of the Fat Burning Soup Diet?

The keys to low-calorie diets, low in calories with low energy and protein intake, low in fat and carbohydrates. It helps to metabolise the body so that it burns the fat and all the calories contributed by the soup.

How Much Weight Can We Lose with the Onion Diet?

We’ll make you honest, we can not be sure how much weight you can get with this diet, but in reality, you can lose weight to 3 to 8 kilos in a single week.

How Long Does the Diet of Fat Burning Soup Last?

Well, precisely this diet can only be performed for 7 consecutive days because it does not contain fats, vitamins, which dissolve in lipids, which helps with decreasing your metabolism. Nutritional deficiencies can be a serious problem if this diet is maintained for longer then once this diet is finished.

Ingredients needed for the fat burning soup:

  • 6 Large onions.
  • 3 stalks of fresh celery.
  • 2 Huge green cucumbers (brown).
  • Pepper and salt. Salt, preferably sea salt, or you can also use pink Himalayan salt. You can add some other spice, like ginger.
  • Enough water to cover all 4-litre vegetables well.
  • 6 Tomatoes good grades fresh.
  • 2 large green peppers.

We tell you that with this precise amount you will get soup for 2 or 3 days, it is also ideal to prepare it daily with half of the indicated ingredients.

Making of Fat Burning Onion Soup:

  • The vegetables you have to cut it into small pieces.
  • In a pot put the water to heat and incorporate them when you start to boil.
  • Cook over low heat, with the pan, covered, until the vegetables are well cooked.
  • Then you must crush everything to make a cream (since you will get a more patient effect and promotes intestinal transit).
  • Once cooked, you should keep it in the fridge. If you wish you can also freeze the amount for each day or rations.

Losing weight with the diet of onion soup in 7 days

First day:

To start the first day we should only take the fat burning soup and fresh fruit, or you can also make a miraculous infusion to burn fat quickly more than anything make sure you avoid the highest sugar content. Melon and watermelon are highly recommended, due to its low fructose content and its high liquid content. In addition to sate, you contain very few calories. More than anything, to drink limit yourself to water and natural fruit juices (remember that juices do not serve elaborate purchases). You can make an excellent, nice drink either natural lemonade sweetened with stevia

Second day:

We know it’s a hard day to wear. The 5 Day Lemon Diet is one of the effective ma to lose weight fast. Remember that you only eat fresh vegetables and soup, preserved or frozen, roasted, boiled or steamed. Remember that you can not eat corn, potatoes, beans, peas or peas. Remember that on the second day you can not eat fruit even in juice.

Third day:

It is advisable to combine both foods of the first two days. That is, it is ideal to take the amount of soup you want, you can consume vegetables and fruits, with the indicated exceptions.

After these 3 full days, then it can be weighed. If you are taking the diet as indicated, at least you will have already lowered a few kilos. Although it happens that not all bodies respond equally, although most people have managed to get rid of 2 or 3 kilos, however, the loss is depending on whether the person retains or not many fluids. “I suggest you not be discouraged, and there are still 4 days left.”

Fourth day:

For the fourth day of the fat burning soup, we will add between 4 to 6 bananas, eat a banana for our health. The banana has a source of high-quality sugars that will keep you safe from the temptation to eat sweets. Other good options would be to drink skim milk at will and, of course, you have to drink plenty of water.

Fifth day:

Well, we are already on the fifth day of the onion diet, for the first time we will introduce meat (rich in proteins), this protein makes us feel better.

To eat the soup burns fat (you must take it at least once a day), which we will add up to ½ Kilo of lean meat of beef or chicken without skin. That is, you can add up to 3 raw tomatoes. And do not ever forget to drink 5 to 8 glasses of water, during the day to help you counteract the uric acid that the meat brings to the body.

Sixth day:

We are approaching the final goal, which will begin the day with lean meat and vegetables as mandatory. If you prefer you can choose turkey without skin or beef or chicken. You can cook the meat grilled or baked, but not fried. The soup that you lean, you have to eat at least once a day.


After a long struggle, we reached the last day, as in previous days. The soup fat burning is preferable to ingest at least once a day (preferably overnight). Also, today you dread rice to eat. Preferably it is rice to integrate, white rice or is allowed.

  1. It is advisable to first toast the rice a little in the Teflon pan and let it brown the skin and, precisely, steam it. You can eat this rice with fruit juice and also eat with vegetables.
  2. In the morning when you get up you can eat a bowl of bran, whole grains or oats, it will help to finish cleaning your bowel.