Fat Loss Bomb: Extremely Healthy and Beneficial Recipe for Burning Fat Around Your Belly

An amazing fat-burning drink is an extremely useful and effective drink that will help you reduce the size of your waist.

Waistline Reducer – Recipe


1 cup of finely diced melon
1 cucumber
1 pear
1 lemon
½ tablespoon of ginger

Preparation and use:

squeeze the juice from the lemon into a blender,
add all the other ingredients
blend until you get a nice mixed smoothie
pour the mixture in a glass and enjoy this delicious fat burning drink.

Overnight Fat-Burning Liquid Bomb – Recipe

About the ingredients extremely healthy and beneficial for burning fat around your belly


2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar
1 cup of grapefruit juice
1 teaspoon of honey

Preparation and use :

put all the ingredients in a blender
drink before every meal
after a week, you will see a big difference in your waistline.
Women, who have consumed this drink, have lost 1 cm of their waistline instantly.

About the ingredients

1. Lemon

loaded with high amounts of Vitamin C that speed up your metabolism.


help to melt the fat around the abdominal area
consume this fruit in a natural way to reduce sugar cravings and boost your immune system.


very powerful “tool” for burning that stubborn fat around the belly area
extremely useful in reducing the water retention in your body.


loaded with fiber, so it makes the perfect ingredient to burn down the fat cells around your abdominal area.

These amazing fat burning drinks are the best way to lose the belly fat and stay slimmer!