7 Simple Ways to Burn More Fat

You started doing fitness exercises and pay attention to your food intake and immediately notice that your body is getting firm. But that jello-like fat around your stomach proves most difficult to disappear.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to do an exercise for burning fat in a specific part of your body.

There are ways to improve it though:

1. Weightlifting – It’s a good way to burn fat and is not exclusive to men only. Muscles burn calories more rapidly than fat. Luckily muscles burn more calories when they are not active. To maximize burning fat during weightlifting, women need to make 12-15 repetitions of each exercise

2. Consume dairy products -Dairy products are rich in calcium. Calcium helps with burning fat more rapidly. Studies have shown that women which consumed dairy products 3 times a day burned up to 70% more fat when compared with the ones who didn’t.

3. Diversify your physical activities – If you exercise a specific part of your body all the time, the body adapts and burn less and fewer calories. To this end, diversify your cardio exercises to fool the body. For example, run a sprint 2 minutes, then jog a little bit, then run a sprint again. Then you can try walking for 5 minutes, then slowly run for 5 minutes, then walk again.

4. Intake food rich in Vitamin C – It is recommended by nutritionists to eat food rich in vitamin C because it burns fat more easily. In your regular diet, you should include fruits like lemon, lime, watermelon, apple and grapefruit, and vegetables like red peppers cabbage, broccoli.

5. Spice your meals – Speed up your metabolism with chilly or spice your food with cinnamon. In both ways, you will speed up your metabolism which in return will help with burning fat more easily.

6. Drink green tea – Drinking green tea along with exercising will speed up your metabolism. This will help you burn calories more rapidly.

7. Never starve – If you starve your body you are not doing it any favors. Your body will do anything in its power to “survive”, so it will start to store fat. Instead, have a small meal once every three hours.